No Cost Method to Sell Your Digital eBook Bundle

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The No Cost Method to Sell Your Digital eBook Online Bundle

3 Easy Steps to create your first Web Store and Post Your eBook for Sale

Creating your Free Web Store front is very easy, just 3 steps! Let’s cover a little background and then talk about how we will be helping you in creating your own Web store front to sell your digital eBooks, Courses and upsells.


The Internet has exploded and has allowed anyone to sell products on a Global basis 7x24. Many people have bought products from Amazon or other sites. With the Pandemic it drove additional people to buy all kinds of products on-line. This includes digital eBooks, Print on demand Shirts, Hats, and other items with their logo branding on them.


What has stopped some people from doing the above? Costs, time to set up, and very complicated systems, until NOW! The Launch Cart Free solution allows for the creating a web site quickly, create a product listing quickly, no massive, long form sales pages to create and no need-to-know complicated graphics design.


This eBook will teach You how to create a web store on Launch Cart for Free. The benefits, you create your own easy to use site for a no cost income stream without web hosting fees, no money down or outlays until you sell a product and there is a small fee on the sale, what the payment processor charges, and some places taxes. You can list your digital eBooks, digital video course and add on print on demand T-shirts, hats, computer cases, which become your very own upsells and you increase your lifetime value of your customers.

Here is the best part. YOU OWN the CUSTOMER! It is not like other web store front platforms who have access to your customers, in Launch Cart you own your customers. In this eBook you will learn how to get your web site set up with just and email in Step 1. Then in Step 2 enable a payment provider like PayPal to receive your money. Then in Step 3 you upload your digital eBook.  Again, it may sound so simple because it is. You will see by following the below instructions you can have a site up within an hour, or faster! Are you ready?

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Although the method you’ll learn in my course is easy. If you’d rather have a professional build your store FOR you, they do have that option! It’s not free, but it is affordable. If you are interested, check it out here.


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