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Clubhouse, launched as an invite-only app and only available for iPhone and iPad, was launched in 2020.  On January 21, 2021 the valuation of Clubhouse had reached $1 billion USD. Clubhouse was made available to android users in May of 2021 and already has around 2 million android users.  Clubhouse is still rolling out to markets outside of the USA.  Its invite-only status, explosive growth, and current exclusivity make this app a ‘must get now’. Get in while the numbers are LOW and the exposure is HUGE!


Clubhouse is a live audio app, so it is in voice format or audio only format. It is like a live conference: think of it as an interactive podcast! This app allows you to connect and interact like you’re at a live, in-person event but it’s all in the app. No need to leave your home or office. The neat thing about clubhouse is you may have the opportunity to insert yourself into the conversation and help provide great content on the topic. This makes it an amazing way to meet like-minded people in your industry! It also makes it a great opportunity to grow your audience and add a new marketing avenue to your business!


You create rooms in clubhouse to start having discussions with people. The craziest thing about this app though is once the room is over, that’s it. There are no recordings, it’s just gone. This strategic plan on Clubhouse’s part creates major fear of missing out! So you have to be present when you want to hear things! That’s for sure the unique piece about this platform that people will probably love if they use it to their advantage but hate if they miss what they were wanting to catch.


A quick note on the current invite-only restriction to clubhouse: Even if you don’t have an invite you can download the app and reserve a username. Usernames are hot commodities! Also, Clubhouse plans to end the invite-only restriction in the summer of 2021.


Why Would Clubhouse Be Good For You?

It replicates real life! It lets you be ‘the fly on the wall’ and tune in on SO many people’s thoughts, ideas, and conversations.


If you are good at communicating, you may find this to be a great platform to share with others. If you want to learn from other people, then this is an amazing opportunity for you! There are so many different people on this app from government officials, to big name celebrities, to investors, to influencers, to people who want to help you grow in marriage, parenting, mental health, and so much more!


There are many awesome celebrities that have shown their face and spoken in Clubhouse. A few names you might recognize include Oprah, Elon Musk, Vlad Tenev, and many other high-level CEO’s and great celebrities.


This is not a distribution platform. It is a platform to engage and learn!


You build community, you join rooms, you provide good communication, and people start following you. You then start your own room and create a conversation that people want to talk about!


Do you have a life? Are you busy? Clubhouse is a convenient platform! People love this format because things can be listened to while doing life, driving, cooking, and working out! Being able to learn through an audio format is ideal for so many people because it’s convenient. Clubhouse is like sitting at a conference or dinner table and hearing the conversations of amazing people willing to share!


The possibilities and opportunities are endless. You can meet new people, grow your audience, and have awesome collaborations! It is a great place to share and a great place to learn. You can expand your mind by learning from others you may have never had the opportunity to come into contact with before.


Lastly, there are people out there on Clubhouse who want to help you grow. If you interact well and ask the right questions, you never know who will come to your profile, check out your links, and help you grow! Also, if you are willing to just start speaking you will start to attract an audience that will want to be a part of your tribe! You will have people come check out your all-important bio and when your bio is done well you will have people interact! We will chat more about bios later and give you the all-important things to put in there!


This app will allow you to have new growth on the clubhouse app but on the other apps that you connect to it also! This app allows you to network in a time where we cannot do the live events that we use to be able to do! It is a perfect solution to the problem so many were having, and you can now use this solution too! It is a networking tool, but it is also an experience so let’s learn to use it!


Securing an Invite

Finding an invite may be as easy as reaching out to people in Facebook groups or on videos. People may not be super quick to give their invites away but if you provide great content to them, they may be willing to share an invite with you.


There are people out there that are selling invites. This practice seems to be frowned upon so getting into this type of situation may not be the best idea.


If you don’t know anyone that has an invite then you might search #clubhouse and find someone who has posted that they have invites.  Reach out to them and ask that they invite you to Clubhouse!


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Clubhouse and learning how you can secure your spot on the platform!  To learn how to use Clubhouse and learn how to profit from Clubhouse get the full length version of this book by clicking the add to chart button.  


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